GFC Gold Coin is the Unique Stable & Appreciating Crypto Asset with Gold Property in the World.


Backed by Gold

1 GFC’s initial intrinsic value is backed by 1 mg physical gold. The value of GFC will not drop to 'ZERO'.

Intrinsic Appreciation

Through the 'Gold Mitosis' AKA. 'Gold Goose' system, the intrinsic value of GFC will be added due to the increment of backed gold.

Destruction Mechanism

GFC Foundation commits to destruct numbers of GFC if the intrinsic appreciation fails.

AB Tokens

GFC links with GFCP token bonus point system in the practical business model.


GOLDEN FORTUNE CHAIN takes the lead in applying the blockchain tech and thoughts to gold jewelry industry, to create a brand new decentralized, fair, transparent, efficient collaborative value community and ecosystem.

Consensus Mechanism

DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake). Node will be authoritatively delegated to the companies or institutes which can make contribution to the ecosystem. 101 nodes max..

Token Incentive

GFCoin provides incentive for all nodes, participants and traders as token running on GFChain in order to impel all parties to spontaneously work for the community.

Application Scenarios

GFC can be used in the real scenarios online & offline, such as jewelry consumption and cross-border payment.

Eco. nodes

nodes on GOLDEN FORTUNE CHAIN are the basics of the entire ecosystem, other nodes are in process of affiliating except those as given below.

  • Golden Fortune deeply comprehends the processes and features of China and international’s jewelry industry chain, and has established an online and offline 'Gold Mitosis' AKA. 'Gold Goose' management system in which gold assets can be increased efficiently throughout jewelry industry.
  • XGI has been doing trades in gold, diamond and gemstone for 15 years in Dubai, UAE.
  • XGI acquires E-Commerce License issued by government.
  • XGI is able to implement the application of GFC by integrating online store and local retail stores.
  • MIB is in organization to form and establish a commercial bank to be located in South Dakota, USA with administrative offices in Orange County, California, USA.
  • MIB is one basic of GFC establishment.
  • MIB can provide an exchange channel between fiat money and GFC.
  • Dubai Uewallet is an important basic of GFC.
  • Uewallet is designed to be a hybrid e-wallet with fiat money and cryptocurrency.
  • Uewallet can provide an exchange service between fiat money and GFC.


2019 Q1
2019 Q2
2019 Q3
2019 Q4
  • Theory research and experimental practice for Gold Mitosis system.
  • The predecessor of Golden Fortune Chain Foundation and the founding partner- Golden Fortune company established in Beijing China, and started to practice for Gold Mitosis in Chinese jewelry industry with internet tech and New-Retail thinking.
  • Golden Fortune acquired the controlling interest of Xtra Gate International L.L.C. based in Dubai.
  • Xtra Gate International’s online store in which GFC can be used put into service.
  • Token migration from Etherum ERC20 GFC to DBX.
  • GFC Wallet launch.
  • GFC listing on well known cryptocurrency exchange[s].
  • Start to distribute GFCP as bonus point by selling pure gold jewelries.
2019 Q1
  • Forge systems of marketing and operation.
  • Establish offline jewelry retails.
  • Set out to design and develop GFCP bonus point system for clients.
2019 Q2
  • Increase the amount of offline retails with NEW-RETAILS MODEL concept.
  • Expand application of GFCP.
  • Boost the intrinsic value of GFC.
2019 Q3
  • Expand GFCP bonus point system around the world.
2019 Q4
  • Optimize operation.
  • Practically combine insurance with GFC.
  • Golden Fortune Chain launching officially.
  • GFC fully applied in ecosystem.
  • Business interconnection between China, Dubai and the US.

Technical Support

As one of the most important infrastructures for the Blockchain age in the future, DBX defines a new consensus mechanism: D-DPoS, a.k.a. Data-based Delegated Proof of Stake which is a stake authorization proof based on data. It comprehensively measures data supply sharing, computing power provision and data processing dApp quality contribution. Those factors meanwhile reflect the time weighted contribution of each voting node to the whole network according to CES (Constant Elasticity of Substitution) function model. In this way, it prevents bribery or ballot rigging which DPoS mechanism are faced with.
As a basic public chain, DBX also provides a new structure of smart contracts. A typical contract consists of wallet address, data transferring address, retrieval of one or more dApps for data quality evaluation, sampling methods, number of Trinity nodes (Certain nodes responsible for bookkeeping and verifying dApp operating those principal services, see ) applying for verification computing and other related fees, conclusion verification, arrangements such as Token quantity, deposits, transferring methods, etc. Consistent with the principle of “code is law”, it would maximize the trading efficiency in addition to ensuring fairness.Figure 1: Brief interpretation of D-DPoS consensus mechanism



Manage Your Digital Assets

Easy Private Safe Fast

GFC Wallet is the only official wallet which is developed on DataBaseX public chain. The basement framework originally stems from Graphene, the core technology of Bitshare, which has already been widely used and proved to be highly reliable. On the other hand, its high-order institution is further optimized relying on its exlusive consensus mechanism, Data based delegated proof of stake (D-DPoS). As a result, it ensures TPS that can exactly match the level of EOS reaching over 5000 reliable transactions per second as well as relieves a series of centralized governing problems such as bribery ballot from the aspect of basic designing principle. In a word, all the above advantages entitle the GFC wallet very high level of security, even better than ETH and EOS.